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Cathy Richardson

Imagine little old me, right up there on the stage: Presenting to a large audience, and being asked to give one of the top-rated business speakers in the UK feedback – On his public speaking skills! This may sound like an impossibility, but it really did happen. I could hardly believe it myself. And thank goodness for being prepared! Because it is possible to be prepared, even for unexpected turns of events like this. Lucky for me, I am pretty good at thinking on my feet because I have had a lot of unprepared speaking practice.

It also goes to show that confidence is not constant, nor is it permanent, even if you are a competent speaker. You can learn to fake it. And if you can fake it, you can make it. As long as you have the tools in your toolkit to do it properly!

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Why should you choose me to be your coach and mentor? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. I am not aware of any other coach using my particular combination of cognitive and conversational coaching techniques, yoga breathing, meditation techniques and structured speaker training to deal with the holistic human – mind, body and emotions. I really will get to the true root cause of your issues, and together we will deal with that cause rather than the symptoms. The symptoms will disappear when the cause is taken care of.
  1. My coaching methodologies are entirely focussed on the need of the individual, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach – even in the group trainings. You will get an absolutely clear and specific focus aimed at helping you to find your own solutions.
  1. Cognitive behavioural coaching is self-empowering. It is about helping you find your own solutions. I use structured questioning techniques to help you find your own answers. I help you discover ways to help you make the changes you want. I will give you lots of techniques and knowledge that will serve you well into the future once you have mastered them. You get to be in a complete position of power – not just during our coaching relationship, but into your future as you become master of your own destiny.
  1. I have a massive and very deep experience pool from which I draw. I understand business inside out, because I have lived and breathed it for so long. I have done business across the world. I have spoken to massive audiences, and thousands of individuals. I have trained sales people, coached them, recruited them and made them redundant. I know how people work and how people sell. I could never buy my depth of experience, nor learn it in a book. It was gained through hard, full catastrophe living (Thanks John Kabat-Zinn for that quote). I share this experience joyfully and abundantly with all my clients, no holds barred.
  1. My techniques, methodologies and philosophies are my own. I have not bought them from someone else. So my name is my brand. I am proud of what I do, because my own name is on it and I don’t have a back door exit. I am thoroughly honest and very direct. I care deeply for people. If I can’t help you, I will say so. If I think you are getting in your own way, I will say that too. And if I think I am getting in your way, I will say that first. What I will share with you during our coaching or training is totally unique, from my heart and mind and gut. This means that my coaching isn’t for everyone, because I will expect you to take ownership and I will hold you accountable. But if you are willing to commit, you will get a huge amount of value for money and life-changing results that you can repeat for yourself, in other situations, time and again.

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A bit of trivia about Cathy Richardson:

  • I am the mother of 2 amazingly inspirational young women. One is an opera singer, the other a contemporary dancer. They both teach. I am thoroughly amazed at their abilities, and continually inspired by their life achievements. My passion for getting people up on a soapbox started with them!
  • I am a qualified yoga teacher and a total yoga junkie. I apologise in advance for social media pictures of me doing headstands and back bends. My body used to be broken, but yoga fixed it. And at the same time, it fixed my broken heart and mind too. What’s not to love?
  • I grew up in the full-on Apartheid years in 1980’s South Africa. I am, one day, going to write a book about that time from a non-racist Afrikaans perspective, because that is my first language.
  • I became involved with public speaking through Toastmasters International. I was less interested in competing in speech contests, and more keen on mentoring. I was president of Camberley Speakers club for 2 years, and set many would-be speakers off on their speech making journey.
  • I don’t eat much meat (For a South African!) but I do love a good glass of cold white wine. Or two, in fact!
  • I was born in 1966, which is when England last won the Football World Cup.
  • I have been married and divorced twice. I will marry again, if the right man came along. He will not have to beg.
  • I like to run and regularly do around 5km. A healthy mind needs a healthy body. It is all connected!
  • I adore social media, my iPhone and my iPad almost as much as I like business networking.
  • And finally, I am an adrenalin junkie. I grew up hunting and shooting in the African bush. My teens where miss-spent on the back of very large motorbikes. And I completed the longest zipline in Africa to celebrate my 45th I want to get very old, and live every moment left to me with joyful abundance, from end to end and with no regrets.


So go on. Let’s walk this part of your journey together. Click the button to sign up, and I will call you. Simple!

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